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"A recent storm with large hail and damaging winds caused severe damage to my home's roof and  gutters.  During the repair work, Tom McIntosh's company, replaced the gutter and downspouts.  I pointed out to Tom, the draining and leak problems of the original gutter.  While I do not know the mechanical details of his "tool", to make the gutter more efficient when installed - - it worked.


The front gutter has two 90 degree turns that tend to slow and retard rain flow - - - no longer a problem is the gathering of water at critical points.  Whatever he has adjusted in making the seamless gutter and have the ability to slope the gutter to downspout openings, has helped the workmen to install a  better working product."

— Richard Bullack, Torrington WY

Champs Exteriors and Seamless Gutters
... taking gutter repair and seamless installation to a new level.

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